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Water Problems Solved with EasyWater by Essig in Reading

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Hard Water:

  • Hard water is caused by an excess of minerals in your water. If ignored, these naturally occurring minerals become ‘sticky’ as it encounters changes in temperature, pressure or turbulence within your home’s plumbing system.
  • Hard water can damage your pipes, appliances and fixtures while also decreasing the overall efficiency of your plumbing system
  • Suggested Solution: No-Salt Conditioner


Taste & Odor:

  • Before emerging from the faucet, your home’s water has run a gauntlet of contaminants both natural and man-made. Your water may have picked up any number of organic or inorganic particles as it made its journey from an underground aquifer to the reservoir to the water treatment plant to your home. All this particle accumulation can result in a drinking water product that both tastes and smells foul.
  • Suggested Solution: Toxin Shield+


Chlorine & Byproducts:

  • Chlorine and its byproducts are frequently added to the city water supply with the aim of reducing harmful bacteria. However, once the water reaches your home, these disinfectants are still present in the water.
  • If you don’t do something about the chlorine level in your home’s water, it can quickly wear out laundered clothing, make your house smell like a swimming pool and even pose serious health risks to you and your family.
  • Suggested Solution: Toxin Shield+


Drinking Quality:

  • Contaminants can cause city water to taste bad and are also linked to a multitude of health problems. The EPA mandates that municipal drinking water quality have safe levels of contaminants like arsenic, fluoride, nitrates and lead.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much of even a single one of these contaminants to cause serious health issues such as kidney/liver damage, learning disabilities and nervous system damage in those with compromised immune systems.
  • Suggested Solution: RevitaLife



  • Toxins like pesticides and endocrine disruptors are hard to detect and often unregulated in a city water supply. They can enter the water from a wide variety of sources ranging from prescription medications, industrial contamination, improperly disposed waste and fertilizers.
  • Without some sort of  safeguard, these toxins will remain in the water until they come into contact with you and your family’s personal water supply.
  • Suggested Solution: Toxin Shield+


Bacteria & Viruses:

  • Many pathogens are resistant to the treatments used by city water plants and if left untouched can lead to severe illness. Tasteless and odorless, bacteria and viruses can infect your home’s water supply without warning.
  • Left unchecked, bacterial and viral contamination of water can cause diseases such as typhoid, dysentery, cholera, hepatitis and giardiasis.
  • Suggested Solution: Bacteria Shield

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