How to Protect Your A/C Investment in Reading, PA

6 August 2013
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Anyone who has recently purchased a new air conditioning system will agree that they are a sizable investment. Quality systems are expensive to buy, install and maintain. So, why are air conditioner owners so lax when it comes to protecting their an investment? Many homes leave the outdoor unit of their system completely unprotected. Well, across the country, thieves and drug seekers are starting to take notice. From suburban New York to northern California to downtown Toronto, Canada, a recent spate of thefts and incidents of vandalism have spotlighted the importance of securing the valuable and hazardous innards of your air conditioning system.

Unfortunately, expensive air conditioning units have begun to falling victim to the never-ending efforts of drug users to get high. Freon, the refrigerant inside your A/C, is a highly toxic chemical that can have hallucinatory effects when inhaled. On par with sniffing paint or gasoline, huffing Freon can be very dangerous. There has been a recent spate of deaths across the country attributed to the practice. Freon’s refrigerant effect can cause freezing damage to the lungs, which can hinder oxygen flow to the brain, causing unconsciousness or in worst case scenarios, brain death.

New federal regulations have been passed that require manufacturers to include refrigerant locking caps on all new A/C units. These high grade brass caps are corrosion and tamper resistant reduce theft, vandalism and the accidental mixing of refrigerant. Although locking caps only come standard on new models, they are now available for older A/C units as well.

Freon is not the only desirable item inside your A/C unit. With copper prices currently at an all time high, the copper components of your A/C are as enticing as ever. It takes a thief less than five minutes to destroy a $1,600 residential A/C and make off with around $30 worth of copper. Even the scrap steel provided by a dismantled A/C is appealing to these thieves. Law enforcement agencies across the country have warned A/C owners that their unprotected outdoor units are not safe. It doesn’t matter if your unit is on the ground, behind a fence or even on the roof, motivated thieves will find a way to get to it.

The best defense against copper thieves is locked air conditioner cages. This is a custom-fit, high-grade steel enclosure for your air conditioner’s outdoor. The locking mechanism is tamper-proof and the cage itself is also effective in protecting your outdoor unit from storm and hurricane damage.

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